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As a Gold Star National Distributor for DICKEY-john Corporation, Corn Belt Testing, Inc. has been selling and servicing DICKEY-john grain moisture testers for the past 27 years.  We specialize in DICKEY-john's commercial GAC2500 UGMA and the Producer GAC2500 AGRI grain moisture testers as well as older models.  We're also an Authorized National Service Center for DICKEY-john's grain moisture tester product line.  We can repair the GAC2000, GAC2100 Agri, GAC2100b, GAC2500 UGMA & GAC2500 Agri.  We can also help with any of your other grain testing and sampling needs from Gamet rotary dividers and truck probes to Seedburo products such as electronic grain grading scales and sieves to Corn Belt Testing printers and printer supplies.  Whether its for commercial or farm applications, give Corn Belt Testing, Inc a call for your grain testing and sampling needs at 866.845.6249 or email at

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