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Dickey John grain moisture testers offer accuracy and reliability for managing grain moisture content. With a wide range of options, their quality products and expertise ensure precise measurements. By partnering with Corn Belt Testing, an authorized dealer, you can enjoy comprehensive service and a convenient one-stop solution. Make informed decisions about your grain management with confidence by choosing Dickey John testers from Corn Belt Testing.

  1. Accurate and Reliable Measurements: Dickey John grain moisture testers are known for their accuracy in measuring grain moisture content. Accurate moisture readings are crucial for making informed decisions about harvesting, drying, and storing grains. By using Dickey John testers, you can rely on precise measurements that help optimize grain management processes.
  1. Wide Range of Options: Dickey John offers a diverse range of grain moisture testing equipment, providing options to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you require handheld moisture meters for on-the-go measurements or advanced in-bin monitoring systems, Dickey John has a solution for you. The availability of various options ensures you can choose the equipment that best fits your specific requirements.
  1. Quality Products and Expertise: Dickey John has established a strong reputation in the agricultural industry for producing high-quality grain moisture testing equipment. Their extensive experience and expertise contribute to the reliability and performance of their products. By opting for Dickey John units, you can trust in the brand’s long-standing commitment to delivering top-notch equipment.
  1. Comprehensive Service and Support: Corn Belt Testing, as an authorized dealer for Dickey John, provides valuable service and support for the grain moisture testers. This partnership ensures that you receive expert assistance and guidance throughout your grain moisture testing journey. Whether it’s calibration, troubleshooting, or technical support, Corn Belt Testing is equipped to help you maximize the accuracy and reliability of your Dickey John equipment.
  1. One-Stop Solution: By choosing Dickey John grain moisture testers from Corn Belt Testing, you can enjoy a convenient one-stop solution. Corn Belt Testing serves as both a trusted seller and a reliable service provider, streamlining the process of purchasing and maintaining your grain moisture testing equipment. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your core agricultural activities.

In summary, the top 5 reasons to use Dickey John grain moisture testers include their accurate measurements, a wide range of options, quality products and expertise, comprehensive service and support from Corn Belt Testing, and the convenience of a one-stop solution. By selecting Dickey John units and leveraging the services provided by Corn Belt Testing, you can ensure accurate and reliable grain moisture testing while receiving expert assistance along the way.

How Corn Belt Testing Inc. Can Help
Corn Belt Testing, Inc. is offering a range of grain testing and sampling equipment that will help you prepare adequately for the harvest season. The GAC-2700 AGRI is one of the newest grain moisture testers that utilizes the latest analysis technology to provide repeatable results and enhanced security. As you prepare for harvesting, consider the benefits of using a modern user interface that gives you accurate results within a shorter time. Call Jim today at 1.866.845.6249 and let us help you choose the right equipment for your farm.