harvesting cornTraditionally, farmers would use an oven-dry test or had to “eyeball” their grains to determine if they were dry enough for harvesting or use. While this approach worked, it was time-consuming and prone to errors. It is just impossible to get accurate results with visual inspections, and this would mean waiting a few more days to ensure the wood is acclimated. So, why should you consider getting a quality grain moisture tester?

Improves Efficiency

The moisture tester allows you to know with certainty when the grain is dry for use. The process is convenient, takes a shorter amount of time, and is more accurate. You can measure the moisture level of different types of grains including wheat, sorghum, canola, corn, and barley. Advanced moisture testers allow you to share your results on phone and compare results across days.

Helps to Prevent Mold

Storing grains is usually a major challenge for managers because you have to control moisture and make sure the grains are in good condition. Storing in a cool and damp environment will lead to mold growing on your grains. A quality grain moisture tester is easy to use and helps you control the environment where you store your grains by maintaining the right moisture levels.

Effective for Quality Control

Moisture testers allow farmers to ensure that their products meet their own high standards. When you do not use a moisture meter, you cannot ascertain how ready the grain is ready for harvest or whether the quality will fetch the highest profit. The tester allows you to control the quality of your grains and get consistent results.

Gives Accurate and Reliable Moisture Readings

The grain moisture reading has the benefit of providing accurate and reliable readings at all times. Every time you measure, you get the exact percentage of moisture content of grain. This goes beyond the moisture on the surface to include hidden moisture pockets that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Helps Avoid Catastrophic Wastes

As a farmer, you get to maximize your profit by improving your productivity, quality, and costs. A moisture tester ensures that you maintain high quality throughout all production stages. First, you get to check the quality of the seeds to ensure their germination is healthy. Second, you get to check the correct timing to harvest when the grains are dry enough.

Saves Money

The amount of moisture in your grains can hurt your profits. Usually, buyers deduct the cost of drying and process the grains from the price. This means that they will offer a lower price, leading to lower profits.

Where Corn Belt Testing Come In

Corn Belt Testing Inc. sells and services quality gain moistures testers to keep your sales higher. Our testing systems will allow you to keep harvest your grains at the right time, make better sales, and improve your overall profitability.