We service all models of DICKEY-john grain moisture testers.

For service and support on your Dickey-john grain moisture tester, Please call us at 1.866.845.6249

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Corn Belt Service Repair Form

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How to Lock and Unlock Shipping Bars

GAC-2500/2700 Downloads

  • GAC2700 UGMA/AGRI 2.8.1 software update
  • GAC2700 UGMA/AGRI 2.8.1 software update Instructions
  • GAC-2500/2700 UGMA Calibration Install Instruc May, 2022
  • GAC-2500/2700 UGMA May, 2022 Calibration
  • GAC-2500/2700 AGRI August 2020 Calibration
  • GIPSA Calibration Directive August 1, 2020
  • GAC-2700 UGMA Operating Manual
  • GAC-2700 AGRI Operating Manual
  • GAC-2500 UGMA Operating Manual
  • GAC-2500 AGRI Operating Manual
  • GAC-2500/2700 Unlock Bracket Instructions

GAC-2000 & GAC-2100 Downloads

  • GAC-2100 B Operators Manual
  • GAC-2100 GI Operators Manual
  • GAC-2100 AGRI Operators Manual
  • GAC-2000 Operators Manual
  • GAC-2100 July 2017 Calibrations
  • GAC-2100 Error Codes
  • GAC-2100 AGRI Hot & Cold Corn Calibration
  • GAC-2000/2100 Shipping Bar Unlock Instructions

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