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We are here to answer any questions you may have about DICKEY-john grain moisture testers. If you don’t see the answer to your question you may submit your own question here.

Is the GAC2700 UGMA GIPSA approved?2022-04-28T13:14:56-05:00

Yes The GAC2700 UGMA is NTEP and GIPSA approved and legal for trade.

Does Corn Belt Testing service GAC2700 UGMA and GAC2700 AGRI grain moisture testers?2022-04-28T13:15:50-05:00

Yes we service several benchtop models of DICKEY-john grain moisture testers including the GAC2700 UGMA and GAC2700 AGRI

What’s the difference between the GAC2700 UGMA and the GAC2700 AGRI?2022-04-28T13:16:57-05:00

The GAC2700 UGMA is DICKEY-john’s commercial tester legal for trade unit found in a number of elevators and ethanol plant.  The GAC2700 AGRI is a great model for producers looking to improve testing accuracy on the farm.  Please check out our videos on our webpage:  www.cornbelttesting.com

Are the GAC2700 UGMA and GAC2700 AGRI available for purchase?2022-04-28T13:21:43-05:00

Yes, we currently have inventory of both units available for purchase, give us a call at 866-846-6249.

Is the GAC2700 UGMA faster than the GAC2500 UGMA?2022-04-28T13:20:59-05:00

The GAC2700 UGMA will be slightly faster than the GAC2500 UGMA testing grain and much faster than the GAC2500 UGMA on bootup.

Does the GAC2700 UGMA and GAC2700 Agri use the same grain calibration and The GAC2500 UGMA and GAC2500 Agri?2022-04-28T13:20:14-05:00

Yes, Calibrations are transferrable between Instruments.  You can find the current calibration downloads on my webpage:  www.cornbelttesting.com  under service and support.  We also have the calibration installation instructions for the GAC2500 UGMA and GAC2700 UGMA, Please call us on the GAC2500 AGRI and GAC2700 AGRI at 866-845-6249.

Does Corn Belt Testing sell used grain moisture testers?2022-04-28T13:19:22-05:00

Yes, we recondition traded equipment and resell, give us a call for current availability at 866-845-6249.

What is an error 13 – No Communication on a GAC 2500?2021-05-12T12:05:17-05:00

This is an error that is going to require that you give us a call at 866-845-6249

What is an error 52 Date Time Incorrect on a GAC 2500?2021-05-12T12:05:41-05:00

An error 52 is mainly caused by a low in voltage clock battery. We typically see this after 4-5 years in service. This also indicated that the unit has not been serviced nor calibrated in that time frame. You are able to replace the clock battery on your own but recommend calling Corn Belt Testing at 866-845-6249.

What is an “Empty cell measurement is out of tolerance” or Error 2 on a GAC2500 UGMA?2021-04-29T14:19:02-05:00

An error 2 on a GAC2500 is a scale tare weight issue that has pushed the scale past the allowed 10-gram empty cell value. In most cases, this can be cleared by simply calling Corn Belt Testing and 866-845-6249 while standing in front of the instrument with the unit on the main menu.

What is the turn around time if we send an instrument in for service?2021-04-19T14:33:20-05:00

We pride ourselves on a 24-hour turnaround.

How do we go about sending an instrument in for service?2021-04-19T14:32:38-05:00

This is very simple whether you need a loaner or not. If you need a loaner; please call us to arrange for one to be sent out to your location. If no loaner is needed, simply lock the shipping bars and re-pack the instrument in original packaging, place a note in the box with the instrument and be sure to include all contact information and ship it back to Corn Belt Testing Inc.

How often should a GAC2500 be calibrated?2021-04-19T14:31:01-05:00

We recommend that instruments be on a yearly maintenance schedule.

Is Corn Belt Testing limited to where you can sell and service equipment?2021-04-19T14:10:36-05:00

The answer is no, Corn Belt Testing is a national distributor and sales company for DICKEY-john.

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