testing field -2The purpose of a moisture tester is to check or measure the amount of moisture in your grains. This helps you determine the quality of your grains and whether they are ready for harvest or use. However, the quality and effectiveness of the tester will depend on how well it is maintained. In fact, the yearly maintenance of your moisture tester to make sure it is working as expected and producing accurate results.

Types of Maintenance

The importance of maintaining your moisture testers cannot be overlooked. Even if you are using high-technology grain moisture testers, you need to have the latest updates. Only then can you boast of accurate and quality results. The two main types of maintenance for your testers include:

  1. Preventive Maintenance

This type of maintenance comprises the alignment of critical components in a tester. It provides a general assessment of the condition of the tool to improve its reliability. When properly done, preventive maintenance minimizes breakdowns and improves performance. The purpose is to ensure the quality of the results, implement the latest factory development, extend the life of the instrument, and ensure it is properly calibrated.

During preventive maintenance, all quality control tests are run on your instrument. This is followed by testing a selection of reference samples and comparing them with USDA-approved standards for a properly working moisture meter. After the maintenance, a Certificate of Calibration and Performance is issued indicated that the tested sample matched the standard results.

  1. Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is only conducted when the equipment breakdowns, some mechanical or electronic parts need replacement, or when there is a failure in the system. While this type of maintenance is not always necessary, it may be needed if the annual preventing maintenance was not conducted. With no preventive control tests, you may end up paying more for corrective maintenance because of the damaged parts. In addition, damages caused by lack of preventive maintenance may be classified by bad usage.

Get Support from Corn Belt Testing

At Corn Belt Testing Inc., we understand what it takes to have and keep a quality moisture tester. With years of experience in this field, we sell and service quality grain moisture testers. We ensure that the testers are in good condition and working perfectly. Work with our experts to make sure you are getting accurate results from your moisture tester.