mechanical female in a tractor garageAs you prepare for spring, you need to ensure everything is working as expected. Take time to check on the quality of your soil and the functioning of your farm equipment. Whether you are using no-till strategies, planting cover crops, or dressing the ground, adequate preparation is critical to successful planting season. This article points out five important areas you need to countercheck before you start planting.

  1. Check Your Gear
    The first thing you need to check when preparing for spring is your gear. Make sure your planter, tractor, Dickey-john grain moisture tester, and other equipment are functional and ready for the busy season. If you need any repairs or new purchases, this would be the ideal time for that. Inspect every aspect of your planter, including seed meters, planter hoses, seed tube kit, and wheel arms. This is also a good time to contact Corn Belt Testing to check on your grain moisture tester.
  1. Check Your Soil
    A routine soil test helps you check on the nutrients, especially when your fertilization strategies involve cover crops. If you are looking to till your cover crop, you may need to consult the local extension office and check on weather updates for predictions. With the last few years having warm and wet springs, it would be a good idea to prepare yourself for a similar trend.
  1. Check Your Seed and Fertilizer Strategies
    After testing the soil, you will need to make sure that it will meet the needs of the new planting season. Based on the results of the soil test, you can establish the fertilizer and seeds strategy to use. If you are unsure of the direction to take, consult local suppliers and extension officers for guidance. They may look at the level of nitrogen saturation, especially in wet soil.
  1. Check Your Spray Strategies
    Usually, warm wet springs require different strategies for spring compared to dry seasons. Since every season is different, it is important to check every detail before applying chemicals and other inputs to the field. Whether you have your own spray equipment or you will be contracting out, ensure every part of the sprayer is working properly.The modern-day PSI Liquid-Filled Stainless steel gauge is different from what was in use a few years ago. Technologies such as monitors or the wireless AgSmart camera kits have automated the process. Nonetheless, it is important to make sure everything is working as expected.
  1. Gather Proper Information
    In this era, you cannot stay without being updated on what is happening around you. As you prepare for the planting seasons, gather all the necessary information to make good decisions. Consider the impact of fuel prices on your profitability, crop prices, and emerging ways of farming. Being informed will also ensure you are using competitive farming processes.

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