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When it comes to top-of-the-line grain testing at an economical price, look no further than the GAC® 2500 Agri 149 MHz Moisture Tester.

The GAC® 2500 Agri provides grain testing results in approx. 25 seconds -

  • EASY to Operate with intuitive software
  • Displays Moisture, Test Weight & Temperature
  • 149 mhz - NEW STANDARD
  • Corn calibrations from -4 F to 167F   Test Hot Corn Straight out of the Dryer
  • Compensates moisture using test weight & temperature
  • Highly visible color touch display
  • Same Technology as Elevators
  • Most accurate technology available
  • Self Cleaning cleaning  temperature sensor



Industry Preferred Since 1978

The Grain Moisture test is the most important Test you will ever Take!

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GAC2500 Agri

Same Technology used by Elevator